At Serenity Spa, your skin in our passion
It’s our goal to refresh, rejuvenate and care for your skin, and enable you to create our spa experience from the comfort of your home.

Serenity Spa was formed in 2015. By the summer of that same year, we created a skincare range to match the quality of the aesthetic treatments we offer in our spa.

From Serenity Spa’s conception, we wanted to pioneer a new type of spa, one which extended to the home of our clients.

We didn’t want our clients skin care to be limited to spa visits, we wanted it to be available outside of the corporate Gym, so our clients could continue an excellent skincare routine for themselves at home. Just as a dentist wishes for his patients to brush their teeth when they aren’t in his dentist chair, we enabled our clients to care for their own skin.

Going beyond ordinary spa treatments, we wanted to be sure that we only treated our customers with the highest quality and safest of skincare products. This was something we felt passionately about, which is why we created products using only skin friendly and toxic-free ingredients.

Serenity Spa Skincare range contains no sodium, lauryl sulphate, methylparaben, nor parabens.

Our philosophy is to create exceptionalbenefits on the human skin.