At Serenity Spa we are proud to offer our very own in-house skincare range, with scientifically advanced products to treat each customer’s individual skin type.

Our philosophy is to allow our clients to take home the high-quality skincare experience they have in our spa, to keep skin fresh, hydrated and cared for each day.

Our specially created Aesthetics Facial Treatments can be used from the comfort and convenience of your own home, so your Serenity Spa experience doesn’t have to end.

Our skincare products are made with active ingredients, involve no testing on animals, and contain no damaging parabens. Carefully designed by experts in skin therapy, our Serenity Spa Skincare range achieve exceptional results that will leave your skin feeling fresh and youthful.

Renowned for their quality, our products noticeably restore and refine your skin, and are specially designed to combat many different skin problems, with something to suit all skin types.

Whether you have dry or oily skin, are troubled by crow’s feet or puffy eyes, our team or experts are here to help you find a product and treatment that suits your needs best.

Please find a comprehensive list of all our skincare treatments on offer from the Serenity Spa Skincare Range:

  • The Serenity Skincare glycolic face wash using glycolic acid
  • The Serenity Skincarepre-cleanser using citric acid with lactic acid
  • The Serenity Skincare two defence day creams with 20/and 50 protections
  • The Serenity Skincare restore night with Retinol
  • The Serenity Skincare define eye cream with Lactic Acid
  • The Serenity Skincare serum with vitamin brightening /tightening/soothing1% retinol cream with microspheres

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